From It Is What It Is, Lisa Sugarman

"[W]e’re lucky; we live in a world where we can more or less carry a personal trainer in our back pocket 24/7. Whether it’s a GPS watch or fitness apps like RunKeeper or FitBit or Nike + Running or Strava or My Fitness Pal or Lark, wearable devices and apps have enabled us to take control of our fitness in ways that ensure that we never plateau ever again.

"I mean, take my own adorable 77-year-old mother who’s dropped 50-plus pounds over the last few years using nothing more than an old-school pedometer to track her progress. Although, over the last year she’s evolved to using apps like Lark, the mobile weight-loss and nutrition coach, that tracks almost every aspect of her physical wellbeing from the second she wakes up to the minute she falls asleep.

"Not only does it keep accurate track of her steps, her daily nutrition, and calories burned, but it’s constantly talking to her, motivating her to make good choices. It reminds her to get up and move around, to eat clean, and to keep her eye on the prize. Honestly, the thing does everything but slap her on the ass when she finishes a walk. (If they ever add that as an update, though, I think my dad’s outta here.)"